Photography is as a way of creative self-expression

I am a Street Photographer based in Rome. Photography has given me a creative outlet as well.
Before photography, I had no way to express myself creatively. I was born an artist, but had no skills to draw.
When I discovered photography, it opened up my world to seeing the world in a unique way, and feeling more connected with the world.
Street photography has become a way of life for me. It’s my preferred method of interacting with strangers.
Taking shots before they can put their social face on. A candid street photo might be the most honest look you can have at someone.
My shots are all natural and never posed. It’s about pulling different, unrelated aspects of a scene together to create a bold composition. Sometimes these compositions create interesting stories of their own. Sometimes its not immediately obvious what the photo is trying to say and only when you really look around the frame does it become clear. Other times its more obvious, such as relatable colours, shapes or characters. Above is a selection of some of my favourite street photography over the past few years.